36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii gudmorning in my upper stomach feeling tight is there baby's head

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear i dont know it is baby head or not but tummy tightening is normal due to baby movements. As the baby demand more space uterus expand too. When the uterus stretch tummy become tight.
Answer: it can be confirmed through sono graphy .. position of the baby
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Question: iam feeling upper stomach very hard and tight and bloated ..is it safe..im 3months pregnent
Answer: Hello! it isn't a common symptom of pregnancy and nothing to worry about. It mainly happens due to the growing uterus. Just relax. The condition should not persist for more than 5 minutes. But if it seems to be a longer period, please contact your doctor.
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Question: Sometimes my upper stomach will become tight ...is it normal
Answer: It usually happens due to gastritis....take small frequent meal instead of big meals...avoid oily food ..take loads of water..
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Question: My stomach is feeling tight and buldge.why?
Answer: Relax, hydrate and have bed rest. Sometimes it feels like a contraction, just relax dear.
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Question: Why my stomach is feeling always tight?
Answer: it is due to gas, and hormones, have lemon water and curd, it will help
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