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Question: In my ultrasound.. Evidence of subchorionic hematoma was detected.. Is that serious

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Answer: Hi dear, When the hematoma is small then you won't have any symptoms,and only ultrasound could detect it.but ,if it grows then you might have vaginal bleeding and spiting.it could be risky affair as this could lead to miscarriages,preterm labor and still birth.the bleeding would stop on its own,but one needs to keep monitoring it.
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Question: Dr said that am having evidence of subchorionic hemorrhage in scanning is there any serious
Answer: It usually resolves on its own..just take proper ret
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Question: What is subchorionic hematoma
Answer: Blood collection on chorion tissues surface. If you have you have to be on medicines and complete bed rest. If bleeding occurs admit to hospital immideatly.
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Question: no evidence of subchorionic hemorrhage meaning
Answer: I am 45 days pregnant and suffering from vomiting still after taking vomiting and folic acid medicine as described by doctor so what should I do?
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Question: My first scan report is small subchorionic hematoma is seen. This is any problem in baby.
Answer: Hi dear, small subchorionic Hematoma is nothing but mild bleeding in between your Placenta and uterus. It is not a serious concern but need proper care. It is not a very serious concern but need proper care. You should take proper rest ,don't lift any heavy thing even not a small kid, don't do anything which can stress your stomach, eat healthy and nutritious diet and drink plenty amount of water. Take proper care of yourself.
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