24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: in my tiffa scan renal pelvis size 10mm in 24 weeks.is it serious. pls tell abt thiss

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Question: In my tiffa scan doctor tolds that baby have renal pelvis dilation 5mm is it risky r not how to cure this
Answer: Hi! Dilation of kidney or renal pelvis is pretty common finding in anomaly scans, generally its temporary and becomes normal hence its subjects to be monitored till full term, the reason can be below; Reflux-Where the urine goes back to kidney instead of coming to bladder Obstruction or blockage in urinary tract Extra ureter etc. Please dont worry much do as the Doctor say its a common issue in unborn.babies and if persists still bith , there are urological treatment to cure it. Hope this helps!
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Question: in my anamaly scan dr said that my fetus right renal pelvis is enlarged in size is it a big problem?
Answer: Renal pelvis dilatation (or hydronephrosis) is a widening of the renal pelvis and is a common finding on ultrasound scans performed during pregnancy. Often it is temporary and not associated with any problems in the kidney or ureter. In this situation, there is no risk for your child’s future health.
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Question: In anomaly scan Shows prominent right renal pelvis 4mm
Answer: Mild dilatation is acceptable, Can be due to the obstruction in the flow of urine It resolve on its own over time. Only thing you need to do is repeat ultrasounds with measurement of APD of pelvis should be done to see whether it is increasing or decreasing to monitor this
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