33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my scanning report the baby presentation is breech so is there any chances of normal delivery.

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Answer: Hi, The baby can change it's position and come to the ideal cephalic position till about 36 weeks.Post 36 weeks it gets difficult and then options like ECV may be tried by your doctor..It is also important to know that certain types of breech positions can still be handled by normal delivery.
Answer: In breech Normal delivery is not a good option but yes My baby turned head down at 34th week completion so still there is a chance keep your finger crossed
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Question: Any chances of normal delivery in case the fetus is in breech presentation?
Answer: Hello dear if baby is n complete breech den no other option than C sec but some babies turns der head and fix wen u go into d labor😀 so I hve one good option ie talk to ur baby to move down coz babies are listening wut v talk,so if ur baby is mamma baby he/she would turn and fix the head 😀 all d v best to u I wil also pray for u to go for normal 👍take care have a safe pregnancy🤰🏻🤱
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Question: In my scan report baby presentation is breech is there any difficulty in normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear baby takes its final position near about the 35th or 36th week. Yes it is a difficult to do normal birth with breech baby it only depends on your doctor support if you're getting.
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Question: Low amniotic fluid and baby in breech presentation, is there any chances to get normal delivery
Answer: Dear with low amniotic fluid and breech position it's not possible to have a normal delivery. Breech position means baby's head is upward position and legs downward so normal delivery can't be done in this position. So please consult with your doctor and see what can be done .
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