14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my NT scan result ,screening test is negative, and in REMARKS: nasal bone status was included for risk calculation.. what does it mean.. ? I'm scared and NT measures 1.5mm

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Answer: It's normal report
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Question: My NT scan measure 1.5mm.. and triomy 21: screening test is negative.. Remarks: nasal bone status was included for risk calculation .. what does it mean.. I'm very much scared..is everything normal? Nasal bone is present..
Answer: hi dear! it just means that the status of nasal bone has to be seen to judge the risk . it has to be seen if its ossified or unossified . dont worry dear there is not a problem with it. if your trisomy 21 screening test is negative then dont worry dear. take care!
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Question: in NT SCAN it is said that nasal bone is visualized.. what does it mean?
Answer: They will check whether child is normal or not. His nasal bone will be checked
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Question: In my first trimester screening scan report there is not mentioned about my baby's nasal bone. What does it mean?
Answer: Dear if it is not mentioned then might be there is no complication and also because if there would be any complication your doctor would have told you about that.... so don't worry don't get stressed and talk to your doctor about this and see what she suggests...
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Question: We took screening test. It was negative. But they mentioned nasal bone was included for risk calculation. I scared about this.
Answer: Repeat your NT scan in different centre
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