37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my ninth month scanning my baby is in head down position and also it has 5 days fast growth than normal. I am feeling heaviness in my lower belly sometime. Now the movements have decreased than before is it anything wrong with my baby i am very tensed.

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Answer: Decrease in movements means your baby is not getting enough room for movements inside the belly. As the baby grows the belly space gradually decreases so the baby falls tired too after few movements. If you've noticed the baby isn't moving as he or she used to previoisly, contact your doctor as it may be the time for your baby to step out in the world. The doctor may chose to deliver the baby by a C-Section incase the baby has got tired and cannot push himeslf or herself out natually.
Answer: it is advisable to consult to the doctor sometime due to the less space in the uterus the baby movements be reduced but still to be on the safer side you should consult to the doctor however the head position is the correct position for normal delivery you should try and keep your legs elevated also you can try this you should take a cold milk and try and take good rest by lying down towards the left position by this most likely the movements of the baby will increase
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Question: I am feeling heaviness in my lower abdomen and also back pain and feeling like period cramps. In last scanning doctor told that my baby is in head down position.. Does this feeling means my baby is getting into pelvis area??
Answer: yes maybe ... Make note if your pelvic pain is repetitive or at regular intervals to make sure if the pain is normal or it is labour pain .. U may release mucuous plug or spotting bloody discharge before ur labour pain commences...track on ur pain..check if they occur in regular time gap...u r closer to ur due date and labor ...so keep walking ..keep urself active to welcome home the new kid on d way...
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Question: hello i am 37 weeks pregnant.i am feeling my belly has gone down.but i have movements on right and left side of stomach.what is it?is my baby in head down position or not,
Answer: Hi your doctor should be able to tell you the position of the baby through the scan the baby movements can be felt on the left side if you feel that the baby has dropped down there should not be a problem for normal delivery.
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Question: I am 24 weeks pregnant. I feel baby hiccups in lower belly. Is it means baby in head down position?
Answer: Hi dear, baby moves down position as early as 32 weeks. Its very early to detect baby's position. Every one feels baby's hicuups in lower abdomen only. Its normal.
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