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Question: In my first pregnancy i had complications my baby born in 7th month with congenital disorder and because of this he is no more after,for next pregnancy i m really tensed ,

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Answer: Hi dear, So sorry for your past loss.i can understand your situation.but hope is only thing in life that keeps us going.i cannot give any gaurentee that the se Ind pregnancy would be smooth but can only pray.congenital heart ailments are mostly genetic.there is nothing much that you could do to avoid it.but take an advice from your gynecologist to carry forward the pregnancy.
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Question: I lost my first pregnancy in 2nd month because of no heartbeat.. This time first scaning I saw heart beat.. what is the chance of miscarriage after Seeing heartbeat? I am tensed..
Answer: In which week you do scanning. Possiblity for miscarriage will be reduce to 3 to 5 % after seeing a healthy heartbeat.
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Question: Can we do sex in 9th month of pregnancy?I wanted to ask this because I have heard that doing sex will help in opening of the cervix for normal this true?I had no complications till now
Answer: Yes it's true. Getting physical makes you feel relaxed and anything which makes you feel relaxed and better is good for you and your baby. It produces positive energy in you. Also hormones produced prepares your body for labor
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Question: Hi im in my 7th month of pregnancy. Can i travel in car for 660 kms? I have no other complications in pregnancy except gestational diabetes.
Answer: Hi dear Avoiding travels during pregnancy is safe..if its unavoidable do consult gyanocologist whether your condition and babies condition is ok for travel and do take not travel without doctor's advice even if your history is normal its safe to take precautions before travel..take care
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