15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my double screening blood test I got low Papp-a value.what it means?. doctor suggested to take ecosprin 150 mg.

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Answer: Double marker blood test is done along with NT scan to check two hormones- papp-a and beta HCG to detect any genetic defects technically down syndrome. In the report you can see reference range values of these harmones. ecosprin 150mg is generally given to prevent getting high BP later in pregnancy.
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Question: Hi mam I am 4 the month going doctor tested my blood and told Pappa value low and take ecosprin 150 mg tablet Is my baby normal plz answer
Answer: This blood level will not affect ur baby noww but low blood level will made u more weak during ur delivery time soo keep adding iron in ur diet more and more.increase ur hp to the level of 11or12
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Question: Hi I am 11weeks 5 days pregnant post my NT scan my doctor has advised me to take ecosprin 150 as a precaution I am concerned if it would be safe any inputs or experiences please
Answer: This is absolutely fine, there must be blood ristriction through placenta to baby. This medicine will thin your blood and help blood to flow properly to your baby. I am having this from 20th week
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Question: My doctor suggested me of ofloxacin & ornidazole tablet for urine infection which I have.is it safe to take this
Answer: I think your doctor also know that you are 13 weeks pregnant then definitely prescribed medicine that was pregnancy friendly and will not harm your baby. Take the right dose as prescribed by doctor.
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