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Question: In my anomaly scan doctor detected an echogenic bowel in the fetus... What is that mean?

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Answer: echogenic bowel means either babys has swallowed little blood in afi or it has been a soft marker for trisomy. please confirm with your gyynae the possible reason as past reports will also be needed to confirm the same. do not worry
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Question: Echogenic bowel noted in anomaly scan? Is this serious??
Answer: hi dear! Echogenic fetal bowel is an observation in antenatal ultrasound imaging, in which fetal bowel appears to be brighter than it is supposed to be. Echogenic bowel may be caused by the baby swallowing some blood in the amniotic fluid. This is not harmful to the baby. However, blood cells in the baby's intestine can cause the bowel to look bright. Echogenic bowel will sometimes go away over time. so dont worry just keep a track on the echogenic bowel in the next scans . the first priority is the child dear! take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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Question: My 20 week anomaly scan shows ecogenic bowel .what does that mean ?
Answer: Hai dear, every person is different in their body laguages.not every one will have normal pain .for some they will wait till th3 due date and if there is no pain they will induce pain through medicines and will go for normal delivery.
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Question: What would be the echogenic change in the anomaly scan?
Answer: Dear Please share complete report. Let me read the complete interpretation.
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