20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my anomaly scan cervix length 43.1mm is it OK. Onek week ago I done my test.

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Answer: Dear cervical length at approximately 20 to 24 weeks into a pregnancy is the strongest indicator of a pregnant woman’s risk of preterm birth. The length of the cervix is most accurately measured by transvaginal ultrasound, which your doctor may not consider doing unless you specifically request it.. at 24 weeks gestation, the average cervical length is 3.5 cm. When cervical length is less than 2.2 cm, women face a 20 percent probability of preterm delivery. As you are having 4. 3cm there is nothing to get worried. Hope it helps,.
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    Sujaya Das1077 days ago


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Question: My cervix length is 3.6? Is it ok?
Answer: Hi cervix length refers to the length of the lower end of uterus.it should be 3-4cm at least during pregnancy, means as adequate.if it is less than 2.5cm or short there is increasing chance of miscarriage or preterm labour.so 3.6cm is very normal.take care and all the best
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Question: Length of cervix is 30.7 mm is it ok
Answer: Yes it is OK.... If it reduces to 25mm u need to take stitches for cervix. But now don't worry be happy and take rest
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Question: 32mm cervix length...is it ok??
Answer: I think it is low. Please consult with your gynecologist...
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