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Question: In my 7 week 5 days ultrasound only yolk sac was visible but not fetal pole in abdominal ultrasound... And I am experiencing spotting also from last 5 days.. my gyno suggested me to take some medicine and injection which I am taking.. but spotting is not stopped.. my gyno told me to wait for 1-2 days for another ultrasound to check the fetal pole.. but it's very difficult for me to wait for another few days... Is it normal or not..? is anyone experienced the same ?

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Question: My baby is 25 days old and its been 4 days she had not donr potty..i am giving her ghutti for constipation but not working
Answer: Not to worry, once or twice babies do this no potty thing. ..gently massage some castor oil around belly button. be gentle. it will help him relieve tummy.
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Question: My babygirl is not talking .she only says mamma, pappa, up ,she is now2yr one mnth old.she is active but hesitate to talk.she spks 5 to 6 words before 1 year .thenshe stopped talking .and interested in playing jumping running .
Answer: Hi..Talk to your baby for 30 minutes minimum everyday, stop screen time, read stories to him, don't answer him if he points to any object and shows by gesture or ishara, encourage him to talk and not gesture...he will gradually start talking
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Question: Hi dr.. my baby is now 5 months 14 days old.. what are the foods to be given .. we already started cerelac found in market.. she is not taking properly . We feed her 2 scoops in morning and 2 scoops in tje evening time ..mother feeding is totally stopped right from 2nd month onwards .. suggest good food for my baby
Answer: Dear don't give anything as of now give only formula milk and once baby is 6 months then only start any cerlac or semi solid food..
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