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Question: In my 6th week pregnancy, dr told there is no yolk and we waited one more week then there is started absence of sac also. So they decide to give tablet and abort the tissue which is present. But still i am not getting my period. When i will get mam.. is there anything serious.. i have taken tablet on 24th afternoon itself.

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Answer: Yes I too faced the same situation.. no worries sister just wait for some more days.. in my case taken tablet on 23rd but got period only on next month 10th.. mean while eat pineapple and papaya... Also after getting regular cycle, give 2 months of gap for healthy pregnancy.. All the best... ☺️☺️☺️
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Question: mam I am 7 week 2 days pregnant yesterday I went for ultra sound scanning but they didn't hear baby's heartbeat and image only yolk sac is visible and my TSH level is 5. 48 so doctor told me that due to thyroid level baby's growth will be slow so they asked me to come after 2 weeks is anything serious mam
Answer: Hi! If you have been to Doctor for the USG at 7 weeks and only gestational sac is seen without fetal pole, there are chances that the Doctor might ask you to do a Transvaginal Ultrasound or an USG after couple of weeks as this could be able to detect the fetal pole. Its normal in many pregnancies, dont worry do as the Doctor say and thyroid does affect but your future reports will reveal more on the growth part.. Dont worry you will be on medication which wud bring your levels under control..if proper medications are taken it will not affect the child. The baby will undergo a metabolic screening test after delivery which in most of the cases proved the baby to be safe. And sometimes food can aggravate the thyroid levels. So avoiding cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, radishes, peanut, soyabean, kale, spinach can also help maintaining thyroid levels. Limit the sugar intake to balance the thyroid levels. Increase the intake of good fats like avocados, olive oil, salmon, ghee. Good luck!
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Question: Yolk sac size is 0.40cm on 6th week of my pregnancy.. Gestational sac also present but there is no heart rate.. Is this good or bad.. Or it's too early to hear the heart rate?
Answer: some get heart beat in 6 weeks but sometimes we tend to miscalculate the conception date, so need ro go for rescan again after 1 week, don't worry momma, everything will b fine
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Question: Hi mam Last week I went for first scanning and found that i have twins. But heart beat started only for 1 baby and fetal pole, yolk sac is present for that baby. Coming to 2nd, heart beat not started, there is no fetal pole and yolk sac. Doctor advised me to go for another scan after 10 days. Is it normal?
Answer: hi dear! fetal pole is from where the baby will develop so we should wait right now and see after the next scan as to if the fetal pole is seen and yes this situation can occur . but stay positive . take care dear.
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