38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In ma sonography its showing vertex presentation it means head down position ,wether the baby can change position

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Answer: Hi, It is an ideal position, and since it is already 38 weeks chances of this position changing is very very low.
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Question: hi, in my scan report baby seen vertex presentation ...means baby came to head down position..ihv one doubt now the baby position 'll change or it constant position....plz suggest me
Answer: Baby's position may change any time till 37th week but after 33 weeks there are not much chances of baby changing position
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Question: In which month baby change position or down its head?
Answer: Hello dear When you are 30 weeks pregnant, your baby should be in a cephalic (head down) position. Also it is normal for a baby to turn their head at 34 weeks.
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Question: Can baby change position once head down ?
Answer: Dear as you are in your 36 week so its not possible for baby to move position now. So dont worry. Just do mild walk regularly that will help baby to fix his head for birth.
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