33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In last scanning my dic, says that my baby is in frank breech position. So which type of exercise can i do for my baby turn?

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Question: which type of exercise can I do
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Most exercises are safe to perform during pregnancy, as long as you exercise with caution and do not overdo it. The safest and most productive activities are swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary bicycling and low-impact aerobics (taught by a certified aerobics instructor). However you'll have to consult your gynecologist before doing any kind of excersices. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: In 28week pregnancy my baby position is Frank breech... what to do for normal position??
Answer: Hello! 28 weeks is early and during this period the position of the baby keeps on changing. Hence don't worry, it is only by 32 weeks that the position changes and becomes fixed. So try to stay fit and drink plenty of water. Take care
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Question: which type of exercise we can do in last trimester
Answer: Hello dear... During pregnancy, A good diet with mild exercise will give you a healthy baby, you can start with walking, walking is the best exercise to do in pregnancy, do it regularly for better results,can also do pelvic exercises,kegal, squats but after consulting doctor,they will give you stamina and also leads to vaginal birth,you can try maternity yoga too,they are very powerful in reducing pregnancy related issues and they too helps in vaginal birth Yoga in pregnancy will be very helpful for smooth and safe delivery.. it can also increase flexibility, and increases stamina both physically and mentally. But before doing these asanas, it is essential to take advice from yoga instructor, Few poses that helps in pregnancy are Pranayam It is a best breathing exercise, do it regularly , it will helps you lot in pregnancy Tadasana - a mountain pose It is good to do this Asana in pregnancy, it will strengthen the spine and releives back pain too Trikona Asana - triangle pose This triangle pose will helps in reducing digestive problems caused during pregnancy, it will also helps in labour Utkasana - chair pose The chair pose will helps in strengthening of pelvic and cervix muscles Konasama - angle pose It helps in strengthening hips, it also control widening of hips Thank you
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