7 weeks pregnant mother

In first month of my pregnancy doctor recommended only folic acid tablets. Is it enough or something else I need to take?

Hi dear, It is enough right now.folic acid is to be taken till first three months of pregnancy.post three months you would be given iron and calcium supplements.
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Question: is only calcium tablets enough?or have to take folic acid and othrrs too
Answer: Doctors prescribes different tablet from different months. Calcium folic acid vitamin d iron protein powders puri pregnancy and even postpartum is must for good health of baby and mom
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Question: Hi doctor.. there is need to take folic acid tablets after three months pregnancy
Answer: Not required dear After pregnancy you can only continue one multivitamin If Dr advises then only take.
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Question: I had taken folic acid tablets in first trimester. Now doctor has prescribed me to take iron n vitamin tablets... should i continue to take folic acid tablet
Answer: Hi! Yes dear folic acid is very important in pregnancy. Folic acid helps in neural birth defects in baby and lower the chance of miscarriage by preventing anemia and also helps the body to create and maintain new cells specially RBC. Hope this helps!
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