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Question: In December i had a missed miscarriage , and now i am pregnant again. I dont want this again , so what should i do? And why missed miscarriage happen

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Answer: Hi dear missed miscarriage is fetal death in very early pregnancy and this happenes because of chromosomal abnormalities in egg aur sperm .. your body identify the abnormality in pregnancy and naturally stop growing and this pregnancy ends in a missed miscarriage . women who have missed miscarriage go on further and have healthy babies in next pregnancy . please trust God .
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Question: Hii mam i confirm my pregnancy im again pregnant after miscarriage in December also lost my 1st born in may 2018 due to macioneum aspiration syndrome plse suggest me what to do i dont want to loose this one again ??
Answer: Hi Dear! Congratulation! During pregnancy time, blood pressure level increasing is one of the most common thing. It will stimulate your emotion. First of all don't be panic or getting emotion for anything. Avoid go to public places. Spend more time in front of natural. Please consult the doctor properly and asking all your doubt without any shy. Avoid Mercury rich Fish. It's be Dangerous. Please don't take Caffeine in that time. Don't use tablets for the small fever, headache etc. Don't eat not properly cooked foods in that time such as Egg, Fish, Meat like that. Please avoid Processed Food, unpasteurized milk etc. Prefer only natural food. Take Folic Acid Rich food more this time. Take Calcium, Iron rich food also this time. Avoid Processed Junk food also. All the Best Dear!
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Question: Do I convince again now in December after having a missed abortion on 30 may this year
Answer: Hi Dear! Thr is no problem to try again in Dec if you have had a missed abortion in the month of May, i wud suggest you to pls check fr the precautiond with ur Dr. if any is required this time.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi , I got pregnant again after miscarriage plz tell some tips coz i dont want a miscarriage again
Answer: Plz take care till ur 5th month don't do any weight liftings
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