Question: In bedrest, can i sit for 15 to 20 min ?

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Answer: Hi, definitely you can sit. Bed rest means you cannot download anything work, but sitting for few minutes is absolutely fine... take care
Answer: Yes dear U can sit and u can walk for 5 mins.Bedrest means u should do any work that strains ur body that's it
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Question: Can I sit in indian bathroom for 15 20 min .. M on bed rest .. so it is safe or not
Answer: Hello! Since you are in bed rest, it is better to avoid Indian toilet. You can get a toilet seat, it is available in the medicine shops and put that on top of the Indian toilet. That way you can use. But Indian toilet is better to avoid. Take care
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Question: my cervix is 2.65cm in 20 week. Doctor told me for complete bedrest . Can I sit n do light yoga
Answer: no u can not sit for long period n even yoga also ... mine is also short cervix 3cm doc told to complete rest even not sit or walk more than 15min ...bed rest is very difficult for me BT in this situation I can't do anything
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Question: Can i feed baby 15 to 20 min
Answer: Hi, yes 18-20 mins from each side is enough for the baby.
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Question: If baby burps in few min. Then is it compulsary to hold baby in upright position for 15-20 min
Answer: Hi. If baby burps then thats have to hold upright position just for burping..take care
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