18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In anomaly scan placenta is 3cm away from OS... Is there's any treatment for that

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Answer: 3cm and above is fine.u don't need any treatment for it.just take proper rest.Dont take physical stress.dont lift heavy weights.dont bend.everything will be fine
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Question: In anormaly scan it shows placenta is 5mm away from internal os.... Is there any problem
Answer: I think there is no problem, if u got any pain consult doctor, all the best for you
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Question: My anterior placenta is 2.4 cm away from internal os in my anomaly scan reoprt. Iam 19weeks pregnant.
Answer: Dear it is low as ideally it should be 3.5cm. Though if it was lower than 2.2cm then your doctor would have suggested you cervix cerclage. as far as I know your gynae would be doing a scan in couple of weeks to see if it reduces or becomes better. And will be deciding accordingly. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello dr... Im 28 weeks pregnant... My placenta is 3cm away from internal os... Is there any chance of labor
Answer: Hi,as if now yes there are chances that you can have a normal delivery unless the placenta us less than 2.3 cm away from cervix where in normal delivery will not be possible Take care
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