8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In 7th week pragnancy egg tinboda

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Answer: Hello dear. Eggs are versatile and a good source of protein that provides amino acids you and your baby need. They contain more than a dozen vitamins and minerals, including choline, which is good for baby's brain development. However, be sure not to eat undercooked or raw eggs. Please have in moderation and consult your dieteican before consumption. Take care.
Answer: Ho,egg is a rich source of protein and proteins are required during pregnancy,so you can take 2 white eggs in a day during pregnancy.
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Answer: Of course u can eat. Colourful foods are low in calories and filled with fiber. Pregnant women should include good protein sources at every meal to support baby's growth.
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Question: Is eating egg in initial stage of pragnancy is good??
Answer: Hi dear yes it is a wonderful good and u should have it during pregnancy. It itself provide u all req. Nutrition which u required. During pregnancy
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Question: Mam 7th week pragnancy lo baby waight pls
Answer: Hi.. Dear baby is of the size of a berry around. 51 inches..
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