29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: in 3rd triemseter what are the scans to be done and at which week?

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Answer: between 30 to 37 weeks Ultrasound tests can be done to check: Level of amniotic fluid. Growth of the baby by measuring her thigh bones, head and midsection. Position of the baby to determine whether you would need a caesarian section. In case you are overdue, the tests might check the heartbeat and well-being of baby. The location of the placenta and cervix.
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Question: Hi Doctor, what are the other scans done after anamoly scan and in which week?
Answer: Hi dear..after anamoly scan... Doppler scan is done in the third trimester...it is mostly done between 34-38 weeks of pregnancy to check your baby's position, the blood circulation in the womb and the baby....
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Question: What are the scans in 3rd trimister
Answer: Hi dear, There are no mandatory scans in 3 rd trimester.but to check your baby is growing fine and for its well being you might have to get your scan done between 28-32 weeks
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Question: What scans or tests are to be done in the 7th month of pregnancy?
Answer: A tt injection and the growth scan will be done in the 7th month of pregnancy
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