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Question: In 10th week pregnancy risk of miscarriage

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Answer: Pls tell
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Question: is there any risk of miscarriage during 10th week of pregnancy?? if yes what are the preventive measures???
Answer: There is a risk of miscarriage during first trimester of pregnancy. Hence in first trimester, you need to take healthy diet. Avoid the fruits like papaya. Include green vegetables in your diet. Follow the medication which is prescribed by your doctor.
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Question: which week high risk of miscarriage happpen
Answer: Dear normally 1st trimester is the crucial period in pregnancy as the major devlopment of the baby takes place in this stage. So you havw to be extra cautious till you complete your first 12 weeks. Hope it helps.
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Question: at which week risk of miscarriage drops
Answer: Hello The risk of miscarriage never drops u have to be careful through out ur pregnancy. U ll feel a little better after ur first trimester as the morning sickness will ease a bit.
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