Question: im 9 weeks pregnent while undergoing ultrasonography i came to know that im having small perigestational collection how can it be cure will it effect baby

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Answer: hello.. dear Perigestational haemorrhage refers to haemorrhage that occurs around the fetus during the gestational period. The spectrum of haemorrhage includes: chorionic haemorrhage: caused by the separation of the chorion from the endometrium. subchorionic haemorrhage: most common type, occurs between the chorion and endometrium. although perigestational bleeding have light bleeding or spotting in your pregnancy.. talk to your doctor once... trust and follow your doctor suggestion.
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Question: Iam suffering from cough will it effect my baby in womb how can it will be cure
Answer: Hello dear.... It will not directly affect the baby,due to cold and cough,you can't eat well,so that your baby lack in getting nutrients ,in that way it may affect babies,so it is better to stay fit and healthy in pregnancy. These tips will help you in reducing cold and cough... Boil Tulsi leaves with little pepper and water, reduces to half,have that water for one week,it will be more effective in reducing cold and cough Have vapourisation with little. Tulsi leaves or Vick's,it will reduce cold Drink water,soups ,milk in warm temperature for cough Have milk with little pepper powder and palm sugar,best remedy for cold,can also have egg with little pepper and salt, for couple of days it will be effective If you are non vegetarian, drink chicken soup it will cure cold soon
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Question: Subchoronioc collection around interior pole of gestation sac that is subchoronic bleed ... How it will cure.. Please let me know
Answer: hi dear! you will have to restrict activity by taking bed rest. so if you are a working woman then you may want to consider taking a sabbatical for a month . also you wont be able to have an intercourse and you will have to keep a track on the bleeding or the spotting and also the subchorionic collection by the scans dear. dont worry its a completely dissolvable condition dear. so we need to keep a watch on it . take care dear.
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Question: how can I know that how weeks pregnant im
Answer: Start calculating 40weeks i.e.,280days from first day of ur last menstrual cycle
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