31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 31 weeks pregnant.today I have seen jelly type discharge from vagina.Im worried about .plz guide me

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Question: Im 31 weeks now qnd getting sticky and jelly white discharge. Is it sign for labor?
Answer: If the amount is very low. It is normal. Dont worry
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Question: i am 11 weeks pregnant & i have jelly type blood discharge
Answer: Hi dear, during pregnancy Mile spotting is normal but blood mucous release is a bad sign and you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Chances of miscarriage is there. So it's better you should take proper rest and if the blood mucous release not stopped within a day then talk to doctor.
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Question: Helo,i have white discharge like a jelly type
Answer: Hello!! Jelly type white discharge is common in 9th month and nothing to be worried about. This is not a sign of any labor or anything. Take care
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