16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 15 weeks pregnant. Till now my Stomach doesn't come out and i didnt feel my baby movements or fluttering. I was so worried. Plz ans me??

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Answer: Dont worry...wait for 2-3 weeks..its little early.. something you didnt even know that it is already happening in you body..wait for little more days, have good meal and wait for your surprise..
Answer: Dont wory if this is your first pregnanCy u will feel it about end of 5th month..and if u hv done with your scan and everything is normal so do not take stress...takr protein rich diet..
Answer: Dont worry dear, I'm 19 months pregnant and till now i dint feel any baby movements and fluttering.Patiently wait dear stomach will definitely come out as days pass.
Answer: Hi dr , its common , u check heart beat of baby only. Some time u cant recognised baby movement. At the time of hungry u feel movement of baby.
Answer: In the 7 month movement feels well. Don't vary.
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Question: Im 20 weeks pregnant...but i still i didnt feel my baby movements and my belly is also not come out. Im very worried about it
Answer: It is okk don't worry ...have you done anamoly scan..it that you will be able to see baby and baby will start gaining weight from 22 week... . fluid should be adequate.... Some may feel baby movements to early by week 17 .. Onwards .. some may feel later. Be stress free and fix one time to listen music ... Baby will respond to that music .. and you will be able to feel babys movement... Enjoy pregnancy
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Question: Till last week i felt little movements like gas,fluttering all. But this week i didnt feel any movements. Is it ok r im worried about it
Answer: Hi,if you are a first time mom,you will start getting the first baby movements what we call it as quickening around 20-25 weeks.Howevwr it becomes different for a first time mom to distinguish between gas and baby quickening.Dont worry,it could be a gas bubble that you would have experienced.For the safer side get a follow with your gynac done.
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Question: Hi im 25 weeks pregnant .. i dont feel regular movements of baby .. i dont feel any heavyness my stomach was lite ... im very much worried.. plz help me.
Answer: Hello dear, baby movement feel slow due to gas, if it start suddenly, that means baby is getting less oxidation. Take a glass of cold water and sleep on your left side. If your baby not responding properly as earlier within 2 hours. Consult your doctor immediately...
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