9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 8 weeks pregnant n i already feel movements in my tummy is this normal also i feel very depressed all the time what should i do

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Answer: If it's ur second pregnancy then u may feel movements as ur uterus n abdomen r already stretched so it's normal. Depression is very common in pregnancy just try to keep ur self engaged in things u like in hobbies, reading out things to it baby spending time with baby socialising with friends n also try practicing yoga it will help calm u n keep the negative forces away.
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Question: Im 8 weeks pregnant and i feel tired all the time...is it normal...and i keep on burping all the time..what should i do..
Answer: Hello dear, It is normally to get tired during your first trimester as your body is adapting to different changes to welcome your baby. Burping is due to acidity which will also go after 1st trimester. You can include milk,yoghurt in your diet and stay away from spicy and fried items to deal with such cases. When you feel tired, don't hesitate to take rest. Take rest as much as you can. Hope this helped you! ,😊
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Question: Im 35 weeks pregnant.. some times i feel excessive stretching in my tummy... what should i do ?.. baby movements and my health is normal
Answer: Hello, Dear don't worry it is completely healthy and will not do any harm just keep your mummy tummy moisturize throughout your day and throughout your pregnancy so it will prevent you from stretch marks and the stretching pain also .
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Question: hi im 26 weeks pregnant but my tummy is looking so small...like normal tummy but i feel normal movements...should i worry about this?
Answer: No you should not worry about dis becoz everyone's pregnancy is different n so does body structure. If movements and fetus weight is normal then you should just relax and enjoy your pregnancy. 😊
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