13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 13 weeks pregnant. I did blood test. The ESR value is 80. Is that any problem. Should I be worried

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Question: High ESR value (100) in blood test results.. is it normal in pregnancy??
Answer: Hi,esr is high which indicates some infection in the body you should consult your Dr to find out the I section and take meds.accordingky
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Question: I am 13 days late .. yesterday i did the pregenency test that came negative. M i still be pregnant.
Answer: Dear you need to wait for 4-5 days more and repeat the test in the morning with first urine. If it is still negative then consult doctor immediately as too much delay in periods is also not good for ur health. Hope it helps.
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Question: Im 13 weeks pregnant and i have posterior placenta partially covering os. Should i be worried?is traveling safe?
Answer: upcoming weeks it may come to normal. dont worry about that. jus follow doctors instruction. travelling can be avoided
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