23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 22 weeks pregnant i can feel my baby moments but only in right side... Not in left and middle.. I feel only in right side.is it normal

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Answer: The movement is felt only on when side because of the baby's position. As the baby changes position the movement will also change. Nothing to worry dear
Answer: I m 22week pregnant but i feel baby movement only in right side sometime i feel baby not all day it's OK or not
Answer: Yes, it's quite normal
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Question: I can feel baby moments only on my left side . Im in 5th month pregnancy.
Answer: Nothing to worry..it is absolutely safe..gradually u feel on other sides too.
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Question: My baby moments are always on right side or middle... I am not able to feel moments on left side... Is it normal???
Answer: Hi dear this or normal with some ladies it depends upon the baby's position and movement so next time when you consult the doctor please discuss about this and please check your baby's position
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Question: Iam 31 weeks pregnant...I can only feel the baby moments in right side..any reason
Answer: Hi! Its normal to feel baby movement at right no specific reason it means baby is at right side.. Hope this helps!
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