23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 22 weeks pregnant...how many times i can eat fish in a week? And how many time drink milk added safron strand..in a week

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Answer: You can drink saffron strand milk daily. Just put 4 strands because saffron generates heat. Drink it at night before sleeping or morning. You can eat fishes. But not all.. sardines are really good.
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Question: Im 22 weeks pregnant can I have milk with safron and what quantity
Answer: Hello... Saffron has lot of health benefits,you can drink after five months before bed, can use two to three strand of saffron, saffronhas act as a good muscle relaxant,which is needed during pregnancy,it also provides digestion and appetite by supplying blood equally to the body,it also controls mood swings happens during pregnancy
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Question: In a week how many times should i eat fish or chicken.
Answer: Depends how you cook eat. If meat/chicken is boiled and taken along with bullion than 3-4 times(If once a day) and it's the best way to be eaten if fried/gravy/biriyani than 2 time. Fish 1-2 times a week but should be cooked properly. Don't eat too oily or too spicy.
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Question: Hai i am 19weeks pregnant can I eat fish and wish fish is good for me and in a week how many times can i have
Answer: Hi dear fish is very essential food for pregnancy women. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acid you can take small fishes it is good for health. Compared with big one.
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