20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 19 weeks pregnant.. Can I eat homemade Mango pickle???

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Answer: Yes. You can have pickels but not on regular basis..also u need to have it in limit. As pickle is spicy eating daily may cause heartburn
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Question: Can i eat homemade mango pickle? I feel nausea throughout the day..
Answer: Eat it in limited quantity dear as pickles tend to contain a lot of spices which can trigger acidity and it also contains a lot of salt which tends to increase the blood pressure levels...so eat it in small quantities to help make you feel better and reduce nausea..
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Question: Can i eat homemade pickle?
Answer: Hello dear Yes, U can have pickle in pregnancy. There is no harm in it but have in moderation as it can make stomach upset otherwise eating pickle is safe as it help in curing from vomiting or if nausea is there
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Question: Hi, can I eat homemade mango pickle as I hv gestational diabetes.
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you have in moderation. Also please confirm with your doctor. Take care m
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