27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 26 weeks pregnant and my TSH is 9.3 does it effect my baby

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Question: I am type one diabetic patient. Hba1c 9.3 but now mysugar values normal. Does it effect me and my baby?
Answer: Hi Gestational diabetes can occur any stage of the pregnancy. So u have to follow a good diet so ur baby and you are not affected by it. You should eat less sugary stuff like biscuits cakes icecream etc. Try having small meals throughout the day so ur calories are distributed all over the day wch makes it easy to reduce ur sugar levels try eating more complex carbohydrate and lean proteins like chicken fish etc. Limit food containing lots of starch like potatoes rice etc avoid fruits like mangoes or jackfruit that spike ur sugar levels. Include avocado or butter fruit apples pears peaches plums oranges berries. Eat whole grains.
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Question: Heloo....im 35 weeks pregnant my afi is 27 cm...does it effect my baby or delivery
Answer: Hello dear, your level is very high. common causes of excess amniotic fluid include gestational diabetes, fetal anomalies with disturbed fetal swallowing of amniotic fluid, fetal infections and other, rarer causes. You can't do anything only doctor can guide you better. Follow doctor's instructions.. You must avoid sugar and sweet food and fruit like banana.  In some cases, a drug might be prescribed to reduce the amount of urine the baby passes. If you have severe polyhydramnios, you may need some of the amniotic fluid to be drained off to reduce the risk of premature labour or problems with the placenta.
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Question: Im 5weeks plus pregnant and im having cough, does it going to effect my baby
Answer: Hi dear, Congrats for the gud news!!! As u r in initial stages u shud b very careful..coughing more gives more pressure on ur feautus..so its not gud for ur baby..there shud no pressure on ur tummy/ bladder thru out your pregnency .cough is one of the thing ,gives prsr...so pls b careful!! All the best!!!:)
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