32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 32 weeks now..my nipples have pain sometimes..is it a thing to worry??

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Answer: No , its quiet natural..
Answer: Dont worry. Its normal.
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Question: Im 38 weeks preg..i hav more amniotic fluid..is it a thing to worry?
Answer: Hi. If your afi level is more than 20cm you are polyhydromnios means more amniotic fluid. If so, you will be monitored closely as pre term contraction or labour may happen. If you're diagnosed with polyhydramnios, your doctor will order a high-resolution ultrasound to check for abnormalities and some test for a genetic defect and infections. You'll also need to have regular nonstress testor ultrasounds for the rest of your pregnancy to monitor your baby's development. And you'll be watched closely for signs of preterm labor. There are chances of  gestational diabetes too so doctor will ask to go for diabeties test also. You'll be monitored carefully during labor as well. Because of the extra amniotic fluid, there's a greater risk of an umbilical cord prolapse (when the cord falls through the cervical opening) or a placental abruption when your water breaks. Both require an immediate c-section.
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Question: My right breast pains at time. Im 12 week pregnant. Sometimes i feel pain on right lower abdomen. Is it normal or a thing to worry
Answer: Since your breast are enlarging and your breast tissues are producing breastmilk due to which your breastmilk are paining dear. Nothing to worry. Some lower abdomen pain is common during pregnancy its because your organs are constantly shifting, your uterus in expanding, and your ligaments are streaching .its normal dear. If you have bleeding consult doctor dear.
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Question: Im 37 weeks pregnant ... But now im having very less movements.... Is there any thing to worry
Answer: At 47 weeks the movement might reduce due to increased baby growth and lack of moving space for for the baby..But this is normal. Nothing to worry
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Question: I have cramps in my stomach sometimes why it is and is there any thing to worry please suggest
Answer: Hello! Mild pain or cramps is common. There is nothing to worry. It is mainly due to the growing of the uterus which is making space for the baby. There is nothing to worry. Take care
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