31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 31 weeks now qnd getting sticky and jelly white discharge. Is it sign for labor?

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Answer: If the amount is very low. It is normal. Dont worry
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Question: Today, I observed white jelly like discharge ,is it muscus plug?Is it sign of labor
Answer: Hi.. It is normal to have white discharge in last trimester of pregnancy. so you don't need to worry don't do heavy work keep your body cool drink more water and fluid items we can also take aloe vera juice juice also helps you to keep bodies temperature cool .
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Question: Im getting white discharge now.. is there any problem or is it a sign for labor?
Answer: Hi,this could be mucus plug discharge.this is the sign that body is getting prepared for labor.
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Question: I m 36 weeks pregnant and getting white vaginal discharge? Is it sign of labor?
Answer: Only vaginal discharge is not...but if i feel bad pains at ur back...or abdomin...den its a sign of labour pain
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