15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 14 week preg Today i saw some white substance oozing out frm my breast n itz painful also

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Answer: As it is now prroducing milk for ur baby...It is normal. n the white substance clear the duct..So u can feed ur baby properly. So don't tk tnsn.
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Question: Hii...there is some white liquid substance coming out of my babies ear plz sugest something
Answer: hi.. its mucus... ur baby may have chest congestion or cold or ear infection.... do consult doctor
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Question: Hi am in 17 week today morning I had saw some white discharge is there any problem with that nd my legs also so painful nd back pain also pls tell me is there any problem with that
Answer: White discharge is common during pregnancy its cause because if harmonal changes in your body. Just be sure if you get bleeding consult doctor. Legs pain swelling are common during pregnancy, it's because of expansion of uterus may put pressure on your nerves and blood vessels in the legs causing pain and swelling. You can have massage, put your legs in hot water adding rock salt,. Take plenty of rest. Use a pregnancy pillow which gives you good sleep.avoid using high heels. Wear  a flat chappal dear. Don't stress yourself by walking so long time. Have very small walk often. Drink lots of water.  It's very common during early stages of pregnency. During pregnancy ligaments in your body naturally becomes softer and stretching to prepare for labour this can put a strain on joints of your back and pelvic which can cause back pain. Do excersises under the guidance dear. Avoid high heals chappal. Avoid sleeping on your back ,take good rest  .
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Question: I m having some water like substance come out from the breast n it's Of light white Colour......... Is this a sign of pregnancy??????????
Answer: hi dear, breast secretion is rear to start in 1st month of pregnancy. It will be best to check your whether you are pregnant or not with a kit at home.
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