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Question: Im 12th week pregnant my NT scanning says 'Posterior extending to the OS' so my doctor says do bed rest orelse chances of bleeding..plzz reply I'm worried

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Answer: It's low lying placenta. Take complete bed rest. Overstrain of body is not permitted. Don't lift weights. Compelete bed rest will make palcenta become correct position
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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant.. I had my NT scan and the doctor said i have posterior low lying placenta covering internal os.. is it normal?? Do i need to limit my activity.. have bed rest etc??
Answer: If you have a scan in early pregnancy and the placenta seems to be low-lying, near your cervix, don't be too worried. As your baby grows, your expanding uterus naturally pulls the placenta upwards away from your cervix.If the placenta is still lying low in your uterus after you are 20 weeks pregnant.Even at this stage, the placenta may still move up in time for your baby to be born. If the placenta covers your cervix at the end of your pregnancy, your baby's exit route through your vagina will be blocked. The placenta may be partly covering your cervix or completely covering it.Your care will also vary depending on whether you've had any bleeding or not. If you've had no bleeding, you'll probably be able to stay at home. You may be advised to avoid having sex for the rest of your pregnancy. If you start bleeding before you're due to go to hospital, go straight to hospital so that the bleeding can be monitored. When it stops, you may be asked to stay in until your baby is ready to be born. If the bleeding doesn't stop, or you go into premature labor your baby will need to be born by c section. You can't do anything to change the position of the placenta. But you can make sure that you stay healthy and well. Eat plenty of good nutrition particularly those that are rich in iron. .
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Question: Hi im 14 weeks pregnant and yesterday I went for NT scan doctor said the baby is lying low ( low lying grado) and asked me to take bed rest.... Is there any problem??? Im worried a lot .... Please reply
Answer: Hello Low lying placenta is a common issue. It's the position in which the embryo plants itself. Usually it should be on the side or top of uterus. In my case it's lying at the bottom covering the internal OS. It usually gets resolved on its own as and when pregnancy progresses meaning it shifts few inches upwards. It might lead to occasional or severe bleeding. As long as there is no severe bleeding there is no need for complete bed rest. You can lead normal life doing your usual chorus like going to office doing household activities, traveling. You just need to be llittle cautious like to avoid heavy jerks, heavy weight lifting , heavy exercises. You cannot have intercourse. That's all. In 95 % cases placenta shifts up. If not then you cannot have a normal delivery Even i had a low lying placenta. But it moved up by 20 weeks on it's own. I was advised strict bed rest since it lead to a major bleeding episode. I believe bed rest n medicines helped. So if possible take bed rest upto 20 weeks because most of the cases resolve by 20 weeks.  Take care n don't worry
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Question: I'm 9th week pregnant. I've twins seen by scanning. Doctor says that after 12th week ,she will "stiches" for my pregnancy bag.is it necessary?
Answer: Ss. Because it avoids abortion. It will secure ur placenta. That stitch means cervical stich
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