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Question: Im 39 week 3days pregnant. My doctor has suggested me to admit on Friday to induce labor and also suggested me to take Abortab tablet on Wednesday. Today im having very little brown discharge. It it a sign that my labor will start soon. Please let me know is it safe to take Abortab tablet

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Answer: hi dear! abortab tablet is a mifepristone tablet dear. this mifipristone blocks the progesterone (its a hormone that will maintain the pregnany) and as a result there will be increased uterine contractility dear. so yes it can be used for induction of the labour . dont worry . take care dear.
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    Anonymous Mom125 days ago

    Thank you Madam

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Answer: This is a progesterone (female hormone). It works on the lining of the uterus and helps in maintaining the pregnancy and preventing bleeding It is given to all pregnant ladies for atleast first 3 months, so please take it
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Question: I am 39weeks pregnant and my due date is 11th Jan. Dr told me to take castor oil today to induce the labor. Is it safe? has anyone tried? I am worried to take it. pls give me valuable suggestions
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Question: Im going through 39th weeks pregnant but there is no sign of intense labor, though i have little cramps and minor back pain after i wake up. I wanted to try taking castor oil with milk to induce labor. Is it safe for me and baby ? And will this work for labor induction? Please reply soon
Answer: No no don't use anything without YOUR doctor suggestion, first go for check up!
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