Question: Im 37 week pregnant if i use steps instead of lift is it better for baby to drop?

2 Answers
Answer: U can bt take while uping stairs and down the stairs very slowly
Answer: Yes ,if u use steps there is more chance to get normal delivery
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Question: Instead of milk which food should I use to take
Answer: Green leafy vegetables, fruits, salads and nuts. Take lighter small frequent meals.
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Question: Hii.. This month instead of period im getting brown discharge.. Plz suggest.. Y is it so?
Answer: Hi dear, please check urine pregnancy test once, if it shows positive results the it could be implantation bleeding.if it shows negative, please wait for 1 more week and check urine pregnancy test could be either implantation bleeding or pre menstrual bleeding.take care and all the best
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Question: Is it ok if after 5 months i go for double marker test instead 3 months?
Answer: Hi dear, double marker test can only be done within 11th -14th week of pregnancy. After that it cannot be done
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