33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 33 week pregnant.. I have itching in full body along with red rashes . What is reasons ? What should I do ..to reduce it.

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Answer: Hi,even I had suffered with itching..I would like to suggest u homemade remedi which even I tried.. make paste of fresh neem leaf along with turmeric and apply this paste and rub gently over affected area..and leave for 20 to 30mins then take warm water bath.. it will reduce with in 5 -6 days..
Answer: I would suggest you a home made remedy for it.. have 3 to 4 pepper chewing it.. later the rashes didn't go consider your doctor..
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Question: Is itching all over body,no rashes,,I am in 17th week, what should i do?
Answer: Hello dear... Mild itching is common in pregnancy, due to blood supply to body, but if you have severe itching, it may due to obestic choletstatis, in this medical attention is needed, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Reduce your salt intake Drink more water Apply moisturizer Wear loose cloth You can use homemade bath powder, instead of soap
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Question: How to reduce itching and red rashes from body?
Answer: Hello! itching is normal..it is because of the increased blood supply to the skin..you can control itching by doing these things *apply coconut or olive oil 3 to 4 times a day on itchy area *wear loose comfy(cotton)clothes * Avoid hot baths. Hope it will help you
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Question: I am 34 weeks pregnant.. I have harshly itching in my full body.. What should I do.. Please suggest me
Answer: Hello dear... Mild itching is common in pregnancy,due to blood supply to body,but if you have severe itching it may due to obestic cholestatis,in this condition medical attention is needed immediately, if you can try these remedies it may help you.. Drink more water Reduce salt intake Apply moistrizer Apply coconut oil You can use homemade bath powder
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