28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 27 week pregnant I feel very tried whole day sleeping

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Answer: Its due to hormones change , don't worry it common to feel sleepy during pregnancy. Pregnant woman should need 10hrs of sleep daily
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Question: Im 2months pregnant. I feel very sleepy afternoon day sleeping is good or not???
Answer: Hello Dear it is very common to feel tired n sleepy all the time in course of yur pregnancy due to harmonal changes that you have in yur body. Nothing to worry yu can *Stay hydrated it helps keep yur fluid level upto mark *Keep yur self active by doing walking or mild excersice with approval of yur gynaecologist. *Eat healthy diet like six to seven small meals. *Decrease yur sugar intake. *Rest, nap n rejuvenate. *Listen music, meditate n relax. Hope it helps, take care
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Question: Feel very restless whole day...14 weeks pregnant
Answer: It happens with most of us. Hormonal changes. Take maximum rest
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Question: I feel very sleepy. Im 6 week pregnant
Answer: Congrats, take care of yourself, dont lift heavy weight, Dont travel first n third trimester Avoid jerky movements Use flat footwear Dont use very tight clothes Dont dance Dont eat papaya, pineapple, shellfish, junk foods, corn, sweet drinks, soda, coca cola, pepsi, sprite Avoid refrigerated foods Drink more water Have egg, banana daily Do proper gum care
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