8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 7 week pregnant. I don't have much of morning sickness. I feel nausea and have vomitings post lunch till night. What could be the reason for this symptom?

Answer: Hi dear, congratulations on your pregnancy. Every women can have different symptoms I use to have nausea at night. And it was normal. You should not worry at all. It is normal during early pregnancy.
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    Navyasai Menta117 days ago

    Thank you :)

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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant but i don't have morning sickness or nausea feeling. Is this normal ?
Answer:  Ya itz normal for every pregnant women... take some extra care for ur health
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Question: Most of people feel morning sickness and nausea and on the other hand I had never ever feel any morning sickness or nausea.. It it my 2nd pregnancy and both of time I had never feel. What is the reason.
Answer: U r lucky...Enjoy dear.... There is only 5% ladies who don't experience nausea or vomiting
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Question: i am 7 week pregnant. bt i have no morning sickness or nausea . is it normal?
Answer: Hello... Dear each pregnancy is different, some experience vomiting, some may not, both are normal, so don't get worried
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