11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 10 th week pregnent i cant drink water if i drink i ll poke shall i drink thender coconent how much quantity i can drink?

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Answer: Yes it is important for you to stay hydrated throughout pregnancy. You can have coconut water, it's safe. But also add regular water and juices too your diet. If you drink and poke, try having smaller sips and don't drink water all at once
Answer: You can have one coconut water in a day. Do not take it in excess
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Question: Hi moms i m 10 week pregnent how much water i should drink?
Answer: Hi. In pregnancy its important to have 2-3 ltrvwater daiky it will keep you dehyderated and also maintain your afi level.
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Question: Can I drink lemon water during pregnancy. . If yes then how much quantity can I take?
Answer: Yes It's very good to talk lemon water during pregnancy. You can take 2-3 times a day.
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Question: Im a 9 th week pregnent i cant drink water if i drink imidialy vomiting will happen and burning urination pls guide me what to do and also i cant eat foods
Answer: Hi. Burning sensation during urine is because of less water intake. If you vomit after haing food then ask your doctor to give some medicine. As home remedy, keep lemonn near you or any fragrance that you like and try smelling it when feel vomiting. Also dont have much water with food. 1 to 2 sip during meal is fine. Keep your room ventilated. Good luck.
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