16 weeks pregnant mother

I'm quite distressed about my condition as my TSH levels were very high... I've been suggested by Dr. To take 100mcg tablets for the same.. What effects does thyroid have on baby health and growth.. Now I am 16 weeks Pregnant?

Thyroid hormone is important for proper growth and development of the baby. Once u start taking the tablets, your hormone levels will normalise, then there is no risk to baby. Make sure to take the tab every day and you can repeat blood test after a month to confirm if dosage is right. Based on your report, your doctor will alter the dosage. Don't worry..this condition can be well controlled with thyronorm tab.
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Question: I am 11 week and 5 days pregnant and I have constant fever since few weeks. As I were diagnosed with typhoid, I completed all the medication as Dr. Prescribed. But still I have fever below 100. My dr. Suggested me for the Torch test. I am too much worried about my baby, does it effects my baby growth?
Answer: Hi,no fever should not affect the baby's s growth Unless your fever is due tomorrow some infection than that infection may affect the baby if not attended . But just normal fever or normal viral will not affect the baby so don't worry
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Question: Hey i just found out i have placenta previa and i am in my 18 weeks now. I had very high bp nd diarrhoea and worst kind of cramps. After having visited my dr i found about placenta previa. And its in type IV ,i been suggested bed rest by dr,what else i can do to have it at normal position?
Answer: low lying placenta can move up with the time. You must In a rare case that placenta does not move up also,  chances of anything happening to the baby or mother is very less. Just be careful about episodes of bleeding and please do not have sexual intercourse till you are advised that it is safe to do so.
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Question: Last month i went to gynaecologists about some pregnancy doubts.on july we started planning for a babby...when we started planning i used to get periods before 3 to 4 days of my date...i asked the same doubtt gynaecologist. she said its very normal to delay or to get periods before or after 7days...but she suggested to take MCBM 69 TABLETS EVERYDAY night before sleep...what is the use of that tablets??is there any future side effects???please answer me....
Answer: Hi Dear! Your Dr. is correct few days plus minus is common in periodic cycle and the tablet does hv a lot of benefit like treating anemia, prevent from damaging nerve and source folic acid whicg helpd in neural developments and prevents anemia.. Hope this helps!
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