23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm prescribed clingen forte for 7 days...The slip with the suppository says it should be used only if advantages overweigh the risks...has anyone used it during pregnancy? Does it cause harm to the baby? Please reply...I'm so scared

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Question: Hi my sugar level doesn't reduces with metformin so my doctor prescribed me with insulin 5 unit everyday in mng .I'm afraid is it safe to use insulin during first trimester does it cause any harm to baby..please anyone reduce my tension by giving me an answer
Answer: Yes dear insulin is actually more safe compare tha medicine . If your Sugar will be high it will affect on baby growth . Once it will be normal than doctor will continue medicine .
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Question: Hi.. I have been tested covid positive but having very less symptoms line bit cough. Doctor has prescribed antibiotic tablet- Azithromycin to me. Does anybody know if Azithromycin is safe to take during pregnancy and should I take it?
Answer: Its completely safe... I was positive since one month and i had taken this medicine... And on 29th april after i got nrgative report in RTPCR test.... Deliverd a baby boy.
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Question: Clinigel forte can be insert during 36 weeks of pregnancy if doctor recommends Does it harm my baby ?
Answer: Don't worry dear, it won't harm baby.. as doctor prescribed it, you can insert it in vagina.
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