15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: im 15 pregnant or mera vagina always gilapan rahite hain water jaysa kuch bahar ate hain psl tell me is it normal??

2 Answers
Answer: Normal during pregnancy if it is not having foul smell or curdy discharge..
Answer: Yes muze bhi hota tha Dr NE kaha normal h
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Question: I m 6th week pregnant.. i feel my vagina is wet always.. some water type substance are discharge... Is it normal?? Tell me plzzz
Answer: Hi dear watery kind of discharge is very common in pregnancy rather it is safe for you because it prevents you from other bacteria and fungi and keep you safe from infections to happen but if there is any kind of itching foul smell or if you anytime see any kind of greenish mucus surrealist mucus is coming out it can be an indication of infection that needs to be reported to the doctor immediately otherwise it is fine .. Hope this helps
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Question: Im suffering from mild headache. nw im 32 week pregnant...is it normal or any issue.. pls tell me
Answer: Hi dear, It should not be an issue.its quite normal.as there are lot of changes taking place in body,minor hormonal changes could result in such headaches but at the same time other issues like,lack of sleep, dehydration,poor eyesight,acidity, constipation and stress could also contribute headache.
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Question: Am 15 weeks pregnant. Always feeling dizziness. Is it normal?
Answer: Dizziness is common. Many women experience dizziness starting between 12th week and first few weeks of second trimester of pregnancy.
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