12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 11week pregnant now. I feel urinary bladder pain. is there any probkem

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Answer: It is common to have some pain in your internal organs as your baby grows in size and internal organs adjusts themselves to provide space for the baby. But, if its beyond the tolerable limit, consult with your doctor, so that she might suggest you with some pain killers.
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Question: Im not getting proper sleep to my left side. Is there any problem. Im 11week pregnant
Answer: No problem at all it is very difficult for every1 to sleep on left side suddenly after pregnancy.. u may feel sleepless ness and uncomfortable to sleep on one side.. but after pregnancy u may stock to ds habit and u may not sleep onur tummy.. Initially it may be tough but babys growth and blood supply will be good only when slept on ur left maximum... u may slowly adopt... u are only at 11 weeks now u may develop this habit one or 2 weeks dont wry
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Question: hi im 11week pregnant..frm last few day im finding white discharge..is there any problem??
Answer: Congratulations dear to become a mother some white discharge is most common thing in pregnancy if it is in high quantity n itching with smell then u consult ur dr.she recommend some medicine otherwise all r ok
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Question: Hi mam, im 11week pregnant im feeling pain in my lower abdomen.. Is there any problem and y im getting this pain
Answer: Ya this is the time where utreus is expanding so mild pain will b there if it cotinues pls visit ur doc...
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