35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 34weeks pregnant ...my pulse rate is 120..is it normal in pregnancy...please give me reply

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Answer: hide pulse rate is on the higher side it is advisable to drink lot of water and fluids also you should take complete and very good rest which will help to come you don't avoid taking stress and also get your BP levels checked if your pulse rate is the same it is advisable to consult to the doctor
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Question: What is the normal pulse rate of a pregnant woman? My heart pulse rate is 135 is it normal?
Answer: Hi.. It's seems absolutely normal and nothing to worry dear. Hope this helps!
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Question: I'm 8month pregnant... My pulse rate is116..is it Normal???
Answer: Check your BP once.Do u have any thyroid complaints? Do u have any pedal edema??
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Question: 145 pulse rate is normal in pregnancy? In first trimester
Answer: It's slightly high not much. Has it gynaecologist responded to it.
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