20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 5mnth pregnant.my doctor suggested me protien powder..what its benefits during pregnancy...pls

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Answer: Compulsory should follow doctor's advice.... protein powder will help for your baby's growth which strengthen your baby muscular part....have it with milk daily 2 times ....
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Question: protien rich sources ?? because its not possible for me to take protien powder prescribed by doctor & me vegetarian
Answer: You can have well cooked egg whites, if u are okay being eggeterian, But pure vegetarian cuisine bhi kisise kaam nahi!! 💪💪💪💪 See below list of things u can include in your day turn by turn ! 1. Pulses (sprouted moong, matki, ragi, masoor, etc) 2. Amaranth (ya Rajgire ka atta), Quinoa and buckwheat (little expensive but power house of protein! u can get it from supermarkets or malls, or get it delivered at home through online grocery apps. Check if Ur local kirana wala has these) 3. Beans: kidney beans (chavli), black beans (Rajma and it's types), chickpeas (chole), soybeans (and it's types), are also extremely rich sources of proteins. 4. Lentils and dals like toor dal, split moong dal, split masoor dal, split urad dal, etc. 5. Peanut butter sandwich 😀 and a glass of milk! 6. Veggies like: Green peas, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts , sweet potatoes 7. Most of the fruits are protein rich along with other vital nutrients like minerals and vitamins 8. Almonds and cashews (but in moderation) also chana singdana ! 9. Dairy products like tofu, cheese and paneer (in moderation) and yoghurt (try to have home made yogurt, avoid those flavoured yogurts during pregnancy) 10. Oats, wheat, ragi (nachni) jwari (urf gluten free flour), bajre ka atta also make excellent protein supplements Happy eating !!
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Question: suggest me the best protien powder to consume in pregnancy
Answer: Hello.. you can have homemade sathu mavu porridge or drink,it will give you all essential needed for both mother and baby ,it is loaded with lot of minerals,vitamins and antioxidants.. This powder can also give to pregnant and breastfeeding mom's, so that they get good health and strength.. Homemade sathu mavu recipe Ingredients Green gram 1 cup Ragi 1 cup Bajra 1 cup Channa dal 1 cup Roasted dal 1 cup Groundnut 1 cup Cashew 1/2 cup Groundnut 1/2 cup Almonds 1/2 cup Pistachio 50 gm Dry ginger 25 gm Ajwan seeds 10 gm Elaichi 5 to 10 pods Method of preparation Dry roast all the powder separately, until it's nice aroma smell Sun dry after roasting for one or two days Put in a mixer , grind coarsely and make powder Preparation of porridge For porridge mix 2 tablespoon of this powder with water or milk,stir them continuously ,boil them for five minutes,stir them continuously without any lumps , you can add palm sugar,and make it to porridge consistency and serve
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Question: Which protien powder is best to be taken during pregnancy, My doctor advised me to take more protien as I am in 7th Month... Please suggest..I am taking mama protinex which contains 32% of protien per serving....
Answer: Protinex and Mother Horlicks have DHA. However I see Nestle has choline as well which is also very important for babys brain development. You can check and try Abbott brand also in this case
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