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Question: Im planning to get pregnant but im skinny is there any problem

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Question: Hi im planning fr a baby my periods is came by late near 10 days.. whats d reason...there is any problem to get pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Sudden delay in periods happen due to hormonal fluctuations and stress .but if you have got your period then you are not pregnant.try having sex during your ovulation time. The most fertile time of the month is between 10-18 days post your periods.usially that time your ovulation takes place.and sex during that time can give you maximum chances of getting pregnant.tou can also get a ovulation kit to test your ovulation dates.also look for discharges which are egg white consistency.that is the sign of ovulation.
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Question: Im 20weeks pregnant. But im not experience baby kicking.. Is there any problem?
Answer: You can feel ur baby move by 18 or 20 th week of ur pregnancy. You will it later if its your first pregnancy and earlier if its your second one.You may feel something called quickening it's a fluttery movement in ur belly like a little butterfly it is same as kicking just the early kicks are called quickening. They are feeble as ur baby is too little to feel.
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Question: Hii im four months pregnant but due to some problem still i dont get my t.t. vaccine is there be any problem to my baby due to this..
Answer: TT vaccines are given in 5th and 6th month
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