33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im on 8 th month and my weight is remaining the same as of 7th month..is it normal? Anything to worry?

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Question: Almost im 6 week of my pregnancy last 2 days i have mild abdominal pelvic pain and back pain on my right side of same side is it normal or to worry ?kindly tell me out guys im so tensed
Answer: Its normal...if u sit for more than hour u ll feel back pain
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Question: I am having mild pelvic pain on left side and it is coming and going as well as pain in the same leg ..is there anything to worry??
Answer: I too have the same problem. It's normal. This happens because our uterus is getting bigger now. And hormone changes. Eat well drink plenty of water. Do safe exercises
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Question: On June th my weight was 50 and today my weight is 57 , is it normal
Answer: Yes dear don't worry...try to walk as much as possible it will help you and your baby...
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