7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm not having night sleep

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Answer: Dr, wear comfortable clothes during sleeping time and play a soft music and close ur eyes and just think about the life that wl comming soon into ur house in the rhythm of that music. U wl definitely fall asleep asap. I also had same problem. I tried this and it's totally gone.
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Question: Could not sleep at night....
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear due 2 harmonal changes some womens doesnot able to sleep in night .but atleast 8.to 10 hours sleeping s very nesasary .Exercise regularly.,.Cutback on fluids at night.,Avoid Spicy Foods and heavy meals before bedtime. ,Sleep on your left side. .Use pillows,Take short naps during the day.Keep the bedroom dark and cool. Make the bed as comfortable as possible. Do not use screens in bed, such as phones or television. Nd take milk wit honey before bed time u can sleep proper try it .
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Question: I'm not getting proper sleep in night due to which I'm feeling tired and having severe headache plz tell me wt should I di
Answer: To get proper sleep you should walk before sleeping. you can also drink saffron milk which will enhance your sleep . massage your foot and legs
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Question: I'm in 5th week of pregnancy but I'm not having night sleep pls tell me why?? It's so getting irritate
Answer: Dear you should drink warm milk before sleeping . This will increase your sleep . Massage your legs and foot before sleep. Wear loose clothes .
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