23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im not getting sleep at night because of pain, leg cramps.. give me some suggestions

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Answer: Hello dear, Mussels stretching is the main reason for leg cramps and another body pain..... Stay off your feet. Avoid standing for long periods. When you can, sit with your feet up and occasionally rotate your feet at the ankles and gently flex your feet to stretch your calf muscles. Sleep on your left side. This takes pressure off the large vein that returns blood from the lower half of your body to your heart. Be physically active every day. Take walks, ride a stationary bike, Stand or walk in the pool. Foot massage and reflexology, might help decrease foot , thigh and ankle pain during pregnancy. Also, try to take (2.4 liters) of water a day during pregnancy. Although mild foot thigh and ankle pain during pregnancy is normal, sudden pain that is painful — especially if it's in one leg only — could be an indication of a blood clot. In that situation better to consult your doctor.
Answer: Keep pillows at your back also under the legs and between legs.... Also don't sit in one position for a longer time.... Walk a bit and rest with your back with proper poster...... For cramps gently ask your husband or any one at home to give you a message on your leg before sleeping for proper blood circulation.. Hope it's helpful..
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Question: I can't sleep at night because of sevear leg cramps, plz tell me wt to do
Answer: Hi dear it common to have  leg cramps during pregnancy as ur upper body parts keeps on increasing . But these tips might help make them less likely.Don't stand or sit with your legs crossed for long periods of timeStretchyour calf muscles regularly during the day and several times before you go to bed.otate your ankles and wiggle your toes whenever you sit down, eat dinner, or watch TV.Takea walk every day (unless your healthcare provider has advised you not to exercise). Liedown on your left side to improve circulation to and from your legs. Drinkwater regularly to stay hydrated during the day.Try a warm bath before bed to relax your muscles
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Question: Now I am 8months pregnant.I am not getting sleep in the night and in early morning I am getting sleep.please give me suggestions to get sleep at night.
Answer: Hello! Insomnia or sleeplessness is common during the pregnancy. Try these for some help 1. Drink plenty of water 2. Have warm milk before bed 3. Do meditation 4. Avoid caffeine as muxh as possible. 5. Keep away from stress. Take care
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Question: Iam not able to sleep at night iam getting leg pain... Dr adviced me to sleep but i cant.
Answer: why it is common to get leg pain during this week this is due to the increase the weight of the baby you should give good massage to your legs before sleeping which will help you . you should also keep your legs elevated time keeping pillow below your leg while sleeping which will help you . you can also do hot water compression or soak your legs in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes before sleeping which will help to give you some relief
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Question: Hello mam, i have lot of pain in leg foot. I am not geting sleep at nite. Give me some suggestion. Am not tollerat my leg pain .
Answer: hi dear don't worry leg pain is very common during pregnancy this is due to the baby's growth when the uterus grow the pressure will fall on vegina and so the little pain and also the blood flow to the lower part of the body will be less so please take more calcium rich food you could take medicines prescribed by doctor continuously take more milk item dates and also you should take goat leg soup once or twice in a week this helps you to avoid getting leg pain as of now concern please take warm bath or you could wash your legs With warm water before bed this helps you to get good sleep please keep two pillows under your leg this helps for the good blood flow and the leg wont pain much
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